During the previous long weekend I made this red stegosaurus shaped chalkboard. As you can see in the pictures my boys got to work on it from the moment it was attached to the wall of their playroom. 
If you want to make one yourself; here is the pdf with the final shape. 
At 100% it's 1,6 meters wide and 1,1 meters high. 
It's made from 18mm mdf board. To get the shape onto the mdf board, I printed it in tiles (36 pages) on regular office paper, and lightly glued it to (the back of) the board with removable spray mount. 
Then  cut out the shape with a jig saw, following the printed lines and smoothed down the edges with sand paper. After sanding, the front and the edges of the board got three layers of red chalkboard paint. 
Should you decide to also make one like this, let me know how it goes.

too late



I got this picture from the nevercrew guys on time for easter, but my post is, of course, too late. Sorry about that. 
In any case, its a great picture, and I love the way they plugged hangselm into easter.
In the mean time they have 5 customs in the second series of hangselm, including mine.