The subject for this month's Computer Arts Projects is character design. There is an article about paper toys in it, that features quite a few of the designers you can find on nice paper toys
Some time ago they asked me if they could use some of my toys to put on the CD. I must say that i was surprised that such a respected graphic design magazine would be interested in me.
Now i have a copy of the August issue of the magazine and I'm pleased to say that 14 (fourteen!) of my paper toys are featured on the CD that goes with it.
How cool is that?

My oldest son (3) is crazy about dinosaurs, i had already made a paper toy dinosaur for the site, but he doesn't really like it.
So now i made these characters, and he likes them a lot. He even knows the scientific names of these animals, whereas i don't have a clue (he is teaching me the names, but i'm a slow learner).
I'm very enthousiatic about these guys, and foresee a great future for them on paperboxworld, although I'm not really sure at the moment in what form.
These guys don't have names yet, perhaps you can help me, if you have good names for them, let me know, or use the comments.


I just reorganized the site. I joined all the boxes on one page, and the other, unconnected toys on another, it seems to make more sense. It's also to make space for things to come. I'm working on several new ideas at the moment, so stay tuned.

Let me know what you think, or if anything on the site doesn't work, your feedback is important.

For some reason, i think because he's closer to the ground than i am, my son keeps finding coins. He recently asked me what to do with a coin, and i said  "put it in your piggybank". "I don't have a piggybank" he replies.
So a couple of days later the Piggybank Savings Company was ready for business.
Of course, now the boy's angry because he can't get his money out without tearing up the bank.