he's finally ready; mark the shark, download here
i made these clocks for two little boys who will celebrate their 4th birthday in a couple of days. they are made from 'colour your own clock' kits on which i spray mounted my own design.
i personalized them with their names, and a big 4 to mark the occasion.
i hope they will like them
My holiday has just started, and during the first quiet sunny afternoon, i made one of the dinosaurs i mentioned some time ago in fimo (a brand of polymer clay, i believe another one is called sculpey). i like the bright and even colours of the stuff. all in all it turned out OK.

bite me



A preview of the paper toy i'm currently working on, i still need to set some technical details straight. But the basic shape of the model is ready.
Then I can get started on the drawing for the building instruction, which (hopefully) will not be too much work for this toy.