My oldest son (3) is crazy about dinosaurs, i had already made a paper toy dinosaur for the site, but he doesn't really like it.
So now i made these characters, and he likes them a lot. He even knows the scientific names of these animals, whereas i don't have a clue (he is teaching me the names, but i'm a slow learner).
I'm very enthousiatic about these guys, and foresee a great future for them on paperboxworld, although I'm not really sure at the moment in what form.
These guys don't have names yet, perhaps you can help me, if you have good names for them, let me know, or use the comments.



08/03/2009 14:28

I'd say that you deserve this, because I think your box designs are really good and creative, and yes, I will publish a blog article out of it also.

Thank you very much for coming up with this new team of box friends...

... and they make great storage devices.... remember... after all, they are boxes.

I love it.

08/20/2009 19:20

That yello guy has Morris written all over him.

08/27/2009 19:07

Love the dinosaurs!

How about Angie or Andy for the cute orange anchiceratops?


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