browsing through my old files, I found this little bunny i made a few years ago. not sure if i ever published it before. So here you go, enjoy

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Belgium-Japan Association, I made a paper toy for the fine company I work for.
It kind of represents a Belgian-Japanese version of Fish & Chips.
Head on over to this paper toys' dedicated web page, and grab the free download. 

it's the paper form of my picture dictionary app, get it here
Get dingske, and read all about it here.  

I've nearly finished work on an android app named 'dingske', it's a picture dictionary app for your phones. Find out all about it here.  
on the boxes page i have now added colour-yourself versions of all your favorite paper toys. 
underneath the pictures of the toys, there are now little icons 
which link to the black and white versions  
To support the Japanese people suffering from the devestating earthquake and tsunami, there is a small project called Pray for Japan
By making and/or selling origami cranes you can also help out. 

Read all about it here.
The kiwi paper toy I made for kiwikids.nl is now available online. you can grab it here

As in my own household this will soon become an important topic again, I made these guys:
The toilet team, ready to help you get rid of all nappies forever! 
Go get them here
I recently finished this design of a paper kiwi for this dutch toystore. I'm not sure when (or if) they will make it available for download. If they do, I'll let you know.